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Princess Emerald

Emerald is the princess of Arcadia, one of the most powerful kingdoms in the region. Born with the “gift of the green,” Emerald is an anomaly in her technology-driven society: the first person in a thousand years with the ability to access the Spectrum of Magic. Her power is that of life magic, with the abilities of healing, restoration, and rebirth as well as the darker ability to drain the life force from a person's soul. Fearing that other kingdoms will seek to use her powers for nefarious purposes, Emerald’s father, King Damaris, keeps her confined within the palace and closely guarded at all times.


Emerald’s gentle, trusting nature leads her to accept the king’s rigid protection, and she whiles away her time by drawing, painting, and gossiping with her friends Glacia and Haze. Secretly, however, she yearns for freedom and dreams of the day she will find love.

Prince Derek

The crown prince of the neighboring kingdom of York, Derek has known and loved Emerald all his life. Seven years ago, a heated disagreement between Derek’s father and King Damaris led to hostile relations between the two kingdoms, and Derek found himself barred from Arcadia’s royal court.

Hoping to restore York’s alliance with Arcadia and win the heart of the woman he has never forgotten, Derek travels to Arcadia to ask Damaris for Emerald’s hand in marriage. But Derek’s fate takes an unexpected turn when he is overcome by a dark and seductive force. Struggling against a power beyond his own comprehension, Derek is faced with the ultimate crisis of identity: stay true to the good man he has always been or succumb to the dark temptations that surround him.

Kyle Trancer

Seeking an escape from the Western Wastelands where he was born, Kyle moves to Arcadia in search of a better life and to pursue a music career. His tough, jaded personality and survival instincts serve him well in the unforgiving lower-level slums of Arcadia, where he becomes the lead singer and guitarist of the band Disorderly Conduct. Kyle’s life spirals into an endless cycle of low-paying gigs, bad relationships, drinking, and brawling. When he isn’t in the middle of a bar fight or on the run from Arcadia’s authorities, Kyle runs small errands for his seventy-year-old landlady using his motorcycle, the only thing that gives him a taste of the freedom that he craves.

Sorceress Ikaria


In a post-apocalyptic future many years after the kingdom of Arcadia, humanity has created floating citadels to escape the unimaginable cataclysm that ravaged Earth’s surface two thousand years ago. The world is divided into sectors under the authority of the tyrannical High Court, which demands strict adherence to the God of Light’s laws, including forbidding access to ancient technology, which led to the decimation of the human race. 


In World Sector Six, the heir to Emperor Ojin’s throne is his eldest daughter, Ikaria, an ambitious and calculating woman born with the “gift of the violet.” However, Ikaria’s inability to unlock her gift and her fascination with technology puts her at odds with her own family and the High Court.


When a prophecy foretells that Ikaria’s younger sister will become empress after Ojin’s death, Ikaria is stripped of her title and appointed Court Sorceress instead. Her ambitions temporarily thwarted, Ikaria dedicates herself to working against her enemies in the High Court. Her quest for vengeance and dominance ultimately surpasses the barrier of time to become entwined with the distant past, forever altering Emerald, Derek, and Kyle’s lives, as well as the lives of everyone in Arcadia and beyond.

Empress Ayera

Ayera is Ikaria’s sister and the ruler of World Sector Six. Unlike her sister and many other members of her court, she was born without the gift of magic. A quiet and sweet-natured woman, she is a benevolent if somewhat unassertive ruler who often struggles to maintain the delicate balance between appeasing the High Court, her husband, and her resentful sister.

Not long after Ayera assumes the throne, a mysterious plague sweeps through World Sector Six, draining magic from its victims. Desperate to find a cure, Ayera asks Ikaria to investigate, and in doing so unwittingly sets in motion events that lead to conflict with the High Court and her sister’s long-awaited revenge.

High Priest Auron

Auron has been the high priest of World Sector Six since the reign of Emperor Ojin. Currently, he serves as Ayera’s most trusted adviser, and his unwavering dedication to the God of Light and loyalty to the High Court are often a solace to her. He is also the strongest yellow-gifted of his time, blessed with the power of prophecy. Auron was the one who foretold that Ayera would become empress, and now he keeps a wary eye on Ikaria to ensure that the darkness he senses within her does not become a threat. He warns the people of World Sector Six not to turn to the old ways of technology, which brought destruction to the Earth’s surface thousands of years ago.

Andrew "Drew" Napoli

A prominent Arcadian scientist grievously injured in a terrible accident, Drew was cryogenically frozen until a method to save his life could be devised. Ironically, that salvation came in the form of the very same cybernetic technology he had been working on before the accident, finished years later by his partner, Telly.

Revived as a cyborg, Drew was reborn with the “gift of the orange,” giving him the power to create illusions and transmutations. He has fleeting memories of his past life with his daughter and a confused sense of identity that pits his fragmented soul against the relentless commands of his cybernetic programming.


Telly Hearly

Drew’s partner in cybernetic research, Telly works tirelessly to perfect the technology that might save Drew’s life after the horrific accident. When funding for the project runs out, Telly is forced to make a deal with a powerful corporation in order to continue to work on reviving Drew.

Since Drew’s resurrection and the undeniable existence of his newfound power, Telly is forced for the first time ever to acknowledge the existence of a power beyond tangible science—the belief in the Spectrum of Magic and the God of Light himself.

Geeta copy.jpg

Geeta Sharma

Born with the “gift of the violet” five thousand years prior to Arcadia’s existence, Geeta was given in an arranged marriage to a yellow-gifted high priest, as by temple law, to complete a holy union of color complements. Amidst a confrontation between her husband, herself, and the other gifted at the temple, Geeta attacked her fellow gifted and fled into the flow of time, hoping to save the future from the Sorceress Ikaria.

Since the battle, Geeta has been living a peaceful life of solitude in Arcadia, fixing broken-down transports in the mid-levels of Arcadia and occasionally translating ancient writings for private collectors.

Suresh copy.jpg

Suresh Acharya

A green-gifted time traveler from the same ancient civilization as Geeta, Suresh continues his search for the Ghost Man after the battle with the Sorceress Ikaria. Convinced that the High Inquisitor Rubius from the far future is somehow tied to the Ghost Man’s lifeforce, Suresh tirelessly pursues him, seeking out the truth to confirm his suspicions.

During his search for the High Inquisitor, Suresh comes face-to-face with an extremely powerful gifted and learns of a possible future outcome that brings uncertainty to the Spectrum of Magic, and to time itself.

Rubius copy.jpg

High Inquisitor Rubius

Born with the “gift of the red,” Rubius has been entertaining many people throughout World Sector Three, including the High Court, with his musical voice and soothing harp for many years.

During an altercation with High Justice Nyrden of the Red, Rubius revealed the full capabilities of his adjacent magic, violet, and was named High Inquisitor thereafter. Since that fated day, Rubius has been forced to do the High Court’s bidding, though he inwardly disagrees with their ideals and beliefs.

Rubius secretly pursues the identity of a mysterious woman who frequents his dreams, hoping to find out whether she truly exists or is just a fleeting fantasy.


Lady Elyathi

Thought of as dead for many years, the former queen of Arcadia escaped her fate from under the suppression of King Damaris, rescued by the powerful High Court from the far future. Faithful and steadfast in her religious beliefs of The Spectrum, Elyathi takes her role as “the chosen one” seriously, destined to fulfill a powerful and ancient prophecy.

Aligned with the High Court, Elyathi has vowed to help them succeed with their plans to eradicate all magic from the world and restore it to its rightful place—to the heavenly realm of light—and to reshape the entire world into the new earth foretold in the prophecy.

Vala copy.jpg

Lady Vala

A happy-go-lucky blue-gifted lady of World Sector Four’s court, Vala is intrigued by the latest court gossip and is known to have a silver tongue when it comes to court debates. Vala wholeheartedly believes that the God of Light made a mistake by blessing her with blue magic instead of red, and makes it well known to all in the courts, including her uncle Auron.

Upon returning to her time era after the battle with the sorceress, Vala is faced with the consequences of her actions, having defied the High Court, and is given a decision for redemption—one that could affect the lives of her sector’s citizens and alter the course of time, including fate of the Queen Emerald.

Victor copy.jpg

Victor Wade

A leader of one of the rogue wasteland camps in the outskirts of Arcadian territory, Victor assists in any way he can to ensure the cyborgs are rehabilitated back into society, and to give them a chance at a new way of life.

But when a foreign cyborg collapses suddenly within his camp, Victor and the rest of the wastelands are thrown into the middle of a large-scale assault being launched on Arcadia, forcing him and his camp to make tough decisions that would affect them all, including facing his own fears of magic and the regrets of his past.

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