The Spectrum of Magic - Book 1

"Fragments of Light"


The year is 2384 M.E. The world is divided up into city kingdoms and empires ruled by kings, queens, and courts. Each city kingdom fights to be the most technologically advanced, hoping to dominate the others.

The King of Arcadia, Damaris, has a weapon that could have the other kingdoms kneeling at his feet—a magic-infused cyborg army and his daughter, Princess Emerald. Born with the power of green magic, Emerald is the first person in a thousand years to have the gift of magic, and her secret is being heavily guarded by the king at all costs.

Unbeknownst to Emerald, a sorceress from the plagued future seeks all the colors of magic. Hellbent on revenge to all those who wronged her, the sorceress vows to reclaim the throne that was once to be hers and overthrow the all-powerful high court in her time. Green magic, the last color to complete the spectrum of magic within herself, would make the sorceress unstoppable, ridding the world of any who oppose her.

With a love-struck prince, her father, and the sorceress in search for her, Emerald comes across a most unusual ally—a wild rocker from the lower levels of Arcadia. Now Emerald must come together with the past, present, and future gifted to stop the sorceress from succeeding.

If they do not, all of time will pay the consequences…

The Spectrum of Magic - Book 2

"Fragments of the Mind"


Months after the defeat of Sorceress Ikaria, the High Court sends orders for High Inquisitor Rubius to collect and permanently remove the sorceress’s violet magic once and for all. Paired with a mysterious gifted woman of the court, Rubius travels to confront the sorceress in World Sector Six’s prison. Instead of being hailed as a respected member of the High Court, Rubius is met with resistance, and his journey leaves him struggling with an onslaught of strange reoccurring dreams.


Back in Arcadia, war looms on its doorstep. The wastelands are in jeopardy as neighboring kingdoms form an alliance demanding that Arcadia dismantle and destroy the remaining cyborgs. King Derek leaves in haste, not alluding to any details on his sudden departure, while Queen Emerald falls into a magical coma and cannot be awakened by anyone, nor any spell. 


With the future and the present being threatened, there is only one person who can save all of time from the darkness that overshadows it…


The Spectrum of Magic - Book 3

"Fragments of the Heart"


The Spectrum of Magic - Book 4

"Fragments of time"


Planned Release - Spring 2022

Planned Release - Fall 2023